Lettre d'Amérique 

Des nouvelles de notre amie Teresinka PEREIRA, de Toledo OH – USA 

Love, medicine and poetry around the world. 

My son Luis Carlos was my company on the trip around the world and we had the first stop on May 22 (2006)  in Palermo (Italy), for the inauguration of the new campus of the school of Medicine Naturopatia, directed by Dr Ignacio Li Vigni. The president of ths school is Prof.BIagia Paternostro. I had the honor to present the first class. The topic was "The medicinal use of the coca leaf by he Incas of Bolivia and Peru". Two students from the old campus received their diplomas that day, and I was appointed as International Director and Visiting Professor of Alerican Culture and Natural Medicine".There was a reception, which extended for several membes. The theater group directed by the play-wright Anna Mauro presented several one acte plays and a recitation of my poetry, translated into Italian by Giuseppe Filippone. We stayed four days at the Villa Naturopatia  and Ignazio, Biagio y Salvo made our stay to remain in our heart as a sweet dream which we will never forget.

May 25 we arrived in Hong Kong, after stops in Rome and Amsterdam. We checket in the Ramada Hotel in Kowloon, where I got in touch with my patron Lisa Choi, President of the "World  poetry Foundation" of Hong Kong  that awarded me with the "World Poetry Prize". In Hong Kong, I participated in meetings and banquets  with important intellectuals, poets, professors and authorities, and in a Poetry Contest for poets of all of the schools of Hong Kong. 250 poets of all ages received trophies, recited their poetry and took photographs at my side. The whole event  lasted for five hours. Hen I had  the opportunity to hand in the IWA trophies to poets Choi Lai Sheung and Zhang   Zhi, El Diablo, Editor of Messenger for World Poets.
     The following day we had a banquet with the intellectuals and Pressidents of important cultural organizations and Professors of the University of Hong Kong. A good surprise was the presence of the great poet Li Qing, President of the Kong Kong PEN Club.
     During our stay in Hong Kong poet and prosessor David Heung was our efficient guide and organiser of programs and a very pleasant company. In China, we went to Lantau, where there is a very large statue of Buddha. It was very impressive to see it from the bottom of the stairs and see his face covered  by clouds and fog, very high up on the hill. It was interesting also  

À Hong Kong, de gauche à droite, les poètes Lisa Choi,Teresinka and David Heung. Mai 25, 2006.
In Hong Kong,  from left to right: poets Lisa Choi, Teresinka and David Heung. May 25, 2006.

To see that many Chinese  people still have fait hand were praying at the temple. In a restaurant in Lintau we had another banquet with typical Chinese food. There we did not find occidental silverware, only the chopsticks. I did not eat, but Luis Carlos learned how to use them and ate everything with pleasure. Now he his an expert in using the chopsticks.
     The most interesting place for me in China was Macau, where we went by boat. Macau was discoveredd in 1557 and colonized by Portugal. We visited the "Fortaleza do Monte" (Fortress on the Hill) one of the monument classified by the UNESCO as a Patrimony of Humanity, and the old colonial Buildings and quares, much like th sones in the Ouro Preto city in Brazil. All the names of the streetsand buildings are in Portuguese. The guide we hired could speak a little Portuguese, but he felt more confortable seaking Chinese. We had the company of Cely, Lisa Choi's secretary  in that trip and she could translate for us. She wenteverywhere with us, taking a back pack ful of snacks, fruits and drinks. Cely is an immigrant worker in China. Her native land is the Philippines. It is interesting to note that people from Philippines and Malaysia in general immigrate to China looking for jobs. They are allowed to get their documents in order to bebabysitters, servants and domestic workers, and they make enough money to send money back home. Cely is a very educated lady and she speaks three languages.
After stopping in Japan, we arrived in Guam, May 29, on Luis Carlos'birthday ! He had a good celebration in a typical Chamorro restaurant. From the first sight we were amazed  at how beautiful Guam is, this island located in the most remote place at the end of the world! My daughter Luzia lives there with her husband Lewis and their son Noah, the boy who was born during the typhoon ! The islandd suffers from typhoons every two of three years. And when there is a typhoon,  everything flies away or breaks down into pieces. December 2002 the typhoon made their house become a pile of trash. They lost everything that was inside it. But they saved the baby, today a beautiful and smart boy three years old. They rebuilt theit house, which is now a constrction of cement , has high  walls and large rooms, one of which is the ceramic studio where they both work. The house is perfect and beautiful, decorated by three artists, Luzia, Lewis and Noah, who made the art work in the living room walls. The suite's bathtub is my favorite piece in the house, because is covered with  mosaics, a master art work by Lewis. Around  the house there are palm trees, coconuts trees , banana trees, a propical paradise. Luis went outside and got two fresh coconuts and gave us drink of its delicious milk.
     We Went out to see the island. Blue sea, mouuntains and palm trees make the typical landscape of the island. Our principal sight seeing was Puerto Soledad, where a monument tells the storyof the visit of our Portuguese ancestor Ferdinand Magellan (from my paternel grand mother), who in a mission sopported by the Spanish king was te first man to go around the world, proving that the Earth is round. Before he was killed by a native of the Philippines he stopped in Guam, in 1521, going ashore in a small boat, which was robbed by the Guam natives. He was very mad at the natives and killed  many of them. He named the place "Islnd of the Thieves". To this date the chamorros hate is name. Magellan is not a good name in Guaam. On the other hand, Pereira is a very recpected name, because the Treasurer of Agana, who signs the checks that oay the government, is signed by him. Pereira is another of my ancestors who traveled around the world !
     After Guam we went to Japan. At the airport there were a group of poets waiting for us. They were Ritsuko Kawabata y Goro Ihara, an old friend from many years ago. We had met in Rio de Janeiro in 1998, during yhe Congress of the IWA.. Since then we have corresponded frequently. With Goro were is wife Ms. Etsu Ihara  and his daughter Natsuko Tina  Ihara,tranlator of Hollywood films from English into Japanese. They were our hosts in Japan, and they took us to visit a Buddha temple in Narita and other interesting buildings,and shops. They also took us for dinner in an elegant restaurant in witch the chef chopped the meat and put seasoning in the food while we watched, at the same tabale we ate. Luis Carlos, who ordered a beefsteak, comments that this  was the best meal he ever had in his life. We are very obligated to the Ihara family for their patronage and hospitality.
     Our trip was the opposite of the one by Magellan who left the Iberian Peninsula going West, went to South America, discovered the strait that goes from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, and went west until he reached the Philippines. We went to Europe, then to China and Guam by  the Orient, and came back to America via the Pacific Ocean.
     The way back on the Pacific Ocean was easier and faster than the trip going towards the Orient. This was the wonderful and unforgetful trip on my life ! 

                                         Teresinka Pereira 

C'était une longue description d'un long voyage de notre amie Teresinka autour du monde. 

Et pour terminer cet article, un poème, traduit en français, de Teresinka : 


Homme de ma vie,        
Tu es une ombre debout
Au cœur de mon silence.           Avec toi je frissonne d'effroi

                                               Multipliéeen milliers de femmes

Une géographie intime        Comme autant de vagues errantes                                             
Tenue à distance,                   Dans la vaste étendue de l'océan
Dans la bonté bleue
D'une après-midi parfaite                                   T.P.


Ou encore de l'incandescence
D'un couchant au moment
D'aller dormir

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